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Kick-Off Meeting

Representatives from the National Labs, Universities and Industry gathered to kick-off the formation of the BMR Program at meeting held at LBNL on Jan. 21, 2015.

Lithium-sulfur cells

Nitash Balsara, LBNL Lithium-sulfur cells are attractive targets for energy storage applications as their theoretical specific energy of 2600 Wh/kg is much greater than the theoretical specific energy of current lithium-ion batteries.  Unfortunately, the cycle-life of lithium-sulfur cells is limited due to migration of species generated at the sulfur cathode. These species, collectively known as […]

In-situ Studies of Ion-exchange Synthesis for Developing New Cathodes

Patrick Looney and Feng Wang Group at BNL Ion exchange is an important method for preparing new cathode materials with metastable structures that are generally inaccessible via direct chemical reactions, but can be obtained via Li+ exchange of Na+ in iso-structural Na-containing compounds. Looney and Wang Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a new […]